01 October 2016

Web Finds - 1 October 2016

So I hope you have had a good week.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts from around the internet, so grab a drink and make yourself for our weekly round-up.

Here are some Philofaxy posts you might have missed this week:
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  7. Downsizing to the NEW Filofax Lockwood Pocket Slim – Part 2 Guest post by Tim Edwards
  8. The HitchHikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 31 
  9. Free For All Friday - No. 411 by Anita
So here are the latest Filofax and other brand blog posts from around the Internet. Don't forget to leave a comment on the posts you enjoyed reading, all bloggers enjoy getting comments.
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30 September 2016

Free For All Friday - No. 411 by Anita

I've just arrived home after a wonderful week away by the sea with my family.
My Kensington has been invaluable in helping me plan for the holiday, and I just can't imagine going away now without taking it with me. I use one page for to-do items and useful information, and a separate one for my packing list. I will write down things like where the nearest supermarket is, or possible routes for going walking or running.

Do you take your binder with you when you travel?  

And as always on Fridays, please feel free to discuss anything ring bound planner related.
Have a great weekend.

29 September 2016

The HitchHikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 31

Guest Interview - Louise Umeki - Plannercon 2017

1st PlannerCon 2017 National Conference in beautiful San Francisco, California. Play and plan throughout two fabulous days with your friends and connect with new friends! Vendor expos with your favourite vendors, workshops & classes, amazing speakers, development personal and so much more!

Plannercon 2017 is a unique event that will be held in March 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel - San Francisco Airport, 1333 Old Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, California, United States

Karine interviewed Louise to find out all about the event.

If you have ideas for future episodes please send them to steve at philofaxy dot com

Show Notes (timings approximate)
00:00 - Introductions
01:30 - Dreams to reality
02:00 - How did this come about
03:00 - The Planner World and the start of the idea of Plannercon 2017
10:00 - Ticket Sales
13:15 - Vision boards
14:15 - Travellers Notebooks
16:30 - Vision books
22:20 - Background career
25:00 - More to Plannercon than being a meet up
26:45 - Thought of the day from Louise

Episode 31 - Guest Interview - Louise Umeki - Plannercon 2017 

A direct download is also available here: Episode31.mp3

Show notes: A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf

NB: A5 is in A4 format so it can be scaled to suit A5 or A6 size. Personal is for printing direct on Personal size paper.

Presenters - Karine Tovmassian and Louise Umeki
Editing and production - Steve Morton

Our Websites:
Karine: Plannerology, Karine Tovmassian (IG)
Louise: PlannerCon,
Steve: Philofaxy, Travellers Notebook Times, Mr Philofaxy (IG)

Naturally we would love to hear your feedback on the podcast. If you use iTunes please gives us your rating or reviews of the podcast.

Previous Episodes:

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10 - Planner Hacks - A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf
9 - Planner Planning - A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf
8 - Choosing Inserts - A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf
7 - How do you carry your planner - A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf
6 - Planners on the go - A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf
5 - Why would you pay more than the price of a Filofax? - A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf
4 - Using Your Planner To Create Permanent Habit Changes - A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf
3 - Getting on with two or more planners - A5 docx pdf Personal docx pdf
2 - Where to start your planning journey and why - A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf
1 - What size and why....  - A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf

28 September 2016

Downsizing to the NEW Filofax Lockwood Pocket Slim – Part 2 Guest post by Tim Edwards

I was delighted when Steve discovered that Filofax was to reintroduce Extra Slim Pocket models.  These have existed before – both the Executive and Guildford were made as “Pocket Extra Slim” but neither have been available for several years.  This time it’s the Lockwood that has been produced and sold as “Pocket Slim”.  (The new model is almost identical in size to the earlier models).

The Lockwood Range was first introduced in summer 2014 in Personal and A5 with zipped closures and in 2015 with clasp closures.  New colours have been recently added and Filofax is describing the range as its’ “rising star”.   It’s been a really welcome addition as it appeals to both women and men.  For too long, in my view, all we seem to have had is new florals, patterns, patent leather and ultra-feminine colours.  It great to see this range now also appear in Pocket size.

The Filofax Lockwood Pocket Slim retails at £59/ €82 and comes in a proper box rather than a plastic sleeve - hurrah!  The new boxes are a bit more colourful than previous ones, albeit with the same pattern.

The Lockwood has the embossed “f” symbol on the spine and the same leather on both the external and internal faces. Dimensions are 141 x 100 x 20mm with an 11mm mechanism and it weighs just 180g with contents - incredibly light!

Filofax is typical expressive about the leather used.  In a recent blog post it talks of “typical exquisite luxury full grain buffalo leather with a lightly oiled burnished finish, stitched edging… inspired by the patina of a highly polished wooden surface… achieved by applying a shrinking process during the tanning of the buffalo leather to highlight its beautiful natural grain. The leather is then effectively ironed to flatten the grains for a polished, burnished shine. Each organiser is truly unique, developing over time, much like our heritage products still used today”.    

In reality, I would describe the leather as similar in look and feel to the early Maldens but not as floppy.  It’s not as “buttery” as the Holborn models (especially the Holborn Grey) but it’s certainly good quality, although not in the league of Gillio or Van der Spek.  Initially, it’s launched in three colours – Cognac, Garnet (darker brown) and Navy (blue). There is no indication of country of origin or any claim of ethical production or environmental considerations – just the quality code FEB on mine (suggesting a June 2016 manufacture – not February!).

There are only three pockets – a full length internal on each side with a curved profile at the bottom plus a card pocket on the left.

Images of the front and rear suggest external slip pockets, but I’m afraid that in this size these are merely stitched.  This is a shame, as a slip pocket to hold a rail ticket or similar, would be very useful.

“Flatability” on first opening is good - but not perfect – due to the stiffener used.  It’s not a problem though and will, no doubt, improve over time.  This is what to expect on first opening without contents: -

There is only one card pocket but it will take more than one card without apparent stretching and credit cards can be staggered without looking awkward or causing bulging.  Money and receipts fit well in the vertical pockets and the new UK polymer (plastic) £5 notes should fit without needing to be folded, although I’ve yet to see one up here in Yorkshire!

Cards can also go two high in the vertical pockets easily enough.  Alternatively they could go on the rings by purchasing the standard Filofax plastic card holder. One insert will hold four cards and I need to buy one.  One important point to note is that, whilst credit and business cards fit horizontally in the full height pockets, they will need to go vertically if placed in a card holder on the rings (as with all Pocket-sized organisers).

Thin notebooks (Midori, Flex etc) can be inserted into the vertical pockets without affecting the ring mechanism when closed.  This combines the benefits of both bound and ring binder for those who like both!

A Flex jot pad fits perfectly into the card pocket.

The pen loop is on the right and is elastic with a protective leather flap.  This is just about OK and is designed so that the pen sits within the binder cover.

Standard “fill” is in cotton cream (plus a few note pages in other colours) and includes a multi-lingual week-on-one-page diary for 2017.  As already mentioned, the mechanism is only 11mm – enough for me - but bear this is mind if you tend to “stuff” your organiser.  It won’t take it!   It would be possible to use stripped and punched Field Notes Size (140mm) inserts – such as Moleskine but it doesn’t look great in my view.  The binder is actually 141mm tall so there would be no overhanging paper top or bottom.  However, it would interfere with the pen loop.

So, finally, here’s a photo comparison between (left to right and top to bottom) the Holborn Pocket (15mm rings – shown as new with standard fill) the Flex by Filofax Pocket (no rings – shown with my minor modifications) and the Lockwood Pocket Slim (11mm rings – shown as new with standard fill).  Notice, what a beast the Holborn seems by comparison – especially in thickness!  A Malden would show an even bigger difference as it has 19mm rings (the Holborn has 15mm).

It’s early days yet, but I know several other readers here have been facing similar choice options.  It’s also a much needed product to appeal to both men and women.   As an organiser to use alongside a smart phone or as a satellite to an A5 or Personal organiser, I think it offers a lot of potential and is certainly a very welcome addition to the range.

Note – I paid advertised price for this from a UK retailer and the views (and photos) are entirely my own!   It was not offered for review by Filofax Group or the retailer

Availability: The Filofax Lockwood Pocket Slim is currently available from the following retailers that I am aware of at the time of posting:
Availability with Filofax USA is unknown at the time of publication.

Thank you Tim for two excellent and very detailed posts. 

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